Lockdown Life

Blog | 10 August 2020

We know that our team here at Holchem have a wide range of skills and talents, not only in their day jobs but also when it comes to their hobbies.  And these have certainly come to the fore during the recent COVID-19 lockdown in the UK.   David Whitehead one of Holchem’s Senior Development Chemists wasted no time during lockdown. With his band, ‘The Chimp Jam’ they set about recording some of their favourite tracks which have now been viewed over 297,000 times across the band’s social media channels. 


The band used to play at a local Manchester pub The BrewChimp every Tuesday night until COVID-19 hit.  Alongside David the other band members are Ken Presdee – Bass guitar, vocals; Alex Eyres – Guitar, vocals; Adam Astley – Cajon, vocals & media; Archie Mitten – guitar, vocals and Keith Bailey – Guitar, vocals, and they have been together just under 18 months.  When the lockdown announcement was made the band decided to put their talents to good use and record some of their favourite songs to share with their fans.  Because all the band members were in separate houses, they all had to record their contribution to the song using their own recording equipment, and then each part was layered to form one final video.   The result was the creation of over 17 tracks with the two most popular on social media being Come Together, originally by The Beatles, and Heroes by David Bowie.


Commenting on the band and the creative input during lockdown, David commented:

Myself and the other band members wanted to carry on making music, during lockdown and create something that all the people who came to our gigs, and a new audience would enjoy.  We decided to record our favourite tracks and share them for everyone’s entertainment.  It certainly helped lockdown pass very quickly and it ensured we all still got to play our set list on a regular basis.  Nothing beats performing live to an audience, but this certainly makes up in some part for not being able to do that.