Maintaining the cleanest of kitchens during the Christmas period

Blog | 7 December 2018

Mike McHardy, Division Manager Foodservice, Hospitality and Retail at Holchem, talks through how to maintain a clean kitchen in the busiest trading period of the year:

  • We always advise our customers to prepare, prepare and then prepare some more.  It’s key to ensure the kitchen has sufficient cleaning products in stock to ensure that nothing runs out.  From disinfectant to dishwasher tablets to floorcare products stock levels must be high so the team doesn’t have to place an emergency order in a busy period.  Here at Holchem we work with our customers to ensure they plan adequately and have the cleaning products they need to see them through to the new year.  We always go the extra mile to ensure deliveries are made as near to Christmas as possible.
  • Hospitality businesses will be employing a high number of casual staff during the Christmas period. They have an obligation to ensure the new recruits are fully trained in how to use cleaning products in a safe and confident manner.
  • Ensure that equipment is working efficiently and is maintained.  For example, ensure the dishwasher is fully loaded every time it is used and, if you suspect any problems with equipment, get it fixed asap – do not leave it so that it doesn’t do the job it’s meant to do and ends up breaking down altogether.
  • Don’t cut corners. Even if the restaurant and the staff are very busy always ensure that the cleaning regime is maintained, and every step is followed.  Cutting corners can lead to standards slipping and negative reviews on social media.
  • There should be a big emphasis on the end of day clean down to enable the next day’s work to start in a kitchen that has a clean bill of health.

For further information on using the most efficient kitchen cleaning products and implementing a successful cleaning regime contact your local Technical Sales Consultant or Contact us.

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