Making The Change To Holchem

Blog | 30 May 2017

Choosing a hygiene support company is a significant and important decision for any company involved in the food and drink industry.  It involves so many different layers of decision making that companies often shy away from making the changes that are necessary for fear of moving away from what they know. 

It is important to ensure that any hygiene solutions company has the breadth of technical knowledge and industry expertise to be able understand the business and the challenges it faces. In addition, the support should be local to provide a timely response to issues.  The philosophy of supplier and client will not always match but where they do long standing partnerships tend to develop benefiting both parties.

Here at Holchem our locally based field teams have in-depth knowledge of their customers, delivering product solutions that respond to a business issue or need. The Technical Centre team back up the field-based teams with analytical and problem solving expertise for our customers.  We have successfully helped a large number of our customers make the transition to working with us across all their hygiene solutions.  Here’s some feedback we received recently and it clearly demonstrates that it’s not such a daunting prospect after all.

“The move to a new chemical supplier isn’t particularly easy however the transition to working with Holchem was a very smooth process.  In my various roles I have worked with Holchem for over 12 years and always found them to deliver over and above their objectives.  The team really got udner the skin of our requirements, the nature of the business and understood and solved the issues inherited from our previous supplier.  Our new processes and the chemical products we use now are fit for purpose for the hygiene standards that we requrie and meet our econmical demands.  The four key factors that are most important to us are a clean factory, the chemcials we are using are doing their job correctly, the staff are trained on how to use them correctly and we produce clean food.  Holchem has helped us achieve these objectives over and above our demands and they meet their promises time after time.”