New Hyperwipes Added To Holchem Range

Blog | 23 September 2016

Holchem has recently launched Hyperwipe - a colour-coded range of lint free wipes specifically designed for the food, beverage, dairy and hospitality sectors. The wipes are strong, high quality and non-woven ensuring they are non-abrasive.  They also offer high absorbency qualities that are essential to help clean up quickly and ensure the job is done to the highest standard first time.

The range is equally strong wet or dry, is a food safe product and is available in centrefeed and large folded formats helping to reduce waste and cost. The centrefeed product can be dispensed from the Holchem centrefeed roll dispenser system to control cost in use.

Nick Edwards from Holchem said: “The new Hyperwipe range is available in a number of colours that can be used in different situations thus reducing the threat of cross contamination.  The consistent quality means they give continuous peace of mind to the user.  They are also competitively priced ensuring budgets can be managed effectively.”