Optimum QFD leads the way in QAC free

Blog | 20 January 2017

Since its launch last year our Optimum QFD 60 ready to use disinfectant has made a strong impact on the hospitality sector.

The product is a blend of non-ionic and non-QAC biocides (“QAC free”) that provide fast acting surface disinfection that meets the requirements of both EN1276 and EN13697 in 60 seconds.  It is now widely used in bars, restaurants and other sites where food is produced and ensures that they do not exceed the statutory residue limits associated with QAC based disinfectants and it meets the EN 1276, EN 1650 and EN 13697 standards.

Dr Jim Taylour from Holchem, said: ‘Using the method of EN13697, Holchem’s QFD 60 meets the requirements of this test and provides surface disinfection (99.99% reduction) in an even faster time of thirty seconds.  It is now widely used across the hospitality sector and puts our customer’s minds at rest that they are meeting industry requirements.”

Optimum QFD 60 disinfectant is available in 6x1Ltr packs, and is suitable for surface disinfection and light cleaning duties.  For surface disinfection it should be applied by a light spray onto the surface and allowed to stand for at least 60 seconds. When used for light cleaning, lightly soiled surfaces should be sprayed with QFD 60 and wiped over with a suitable cloth.