Out of Africa

Blog | 31 May 2016

The Holchem team travels far and wide to work with its clients and none more so than Technical Service Manager Sarah West, who recently made a whistle stop four-day tour to Ghana to visit Blue Skies Foods.

As soon as she touched down in Africa, Sarah went straight to the site and carried out hygiene audits in its fruit slicing factories and juice plant and worked on a Cleaning In Place investigation (CIP) in the same juice plant.  She also carried out extensive CIP background training with the Blue Skies Hygiene team that included how CIP works and operates as well as chemical safety and hygiene training.

Holchem in Africa

Commenting on the visit Sarah said: My visit to Ghana was a great experience and I was really impressed with how the work force of Blue Skies took on board so quickly all the information from the training sessions and advice on how to implement a successful hygiene plan.  It’s such an impressive site and the high standards of hygiene were very impressive.  It’s testament to the quality of Holchem’s offering that we can impart our knowledge far and wide and help train our peers around the world. On a personal note, I loved the local cuisine and, of course, the quality of the fresh fruit especially the pineapples.

Training in Africa

Stephan Morris, Blue Skies Group Technical Manager commented: All our people in Ghana enjoyed Sarah’s visit. Her enthusiasm and energy, combined with her knowledge and experience enabled her to communicate complex information very effectively, and there is nothing that Ghanaian people appreciate more than education.