Safety at Holchem

Blog | 11 November 2016

Here at Holchem we have an integrated approach that ensures our products, dispense and application systems, hygiene management systems and training enable cleaning tasks to be carried out in an effective and safe way.

Safety is paramount in everything we do and we ensure that the safety of our customers and our own staff is protected, day in day out.  Research in this area is on-going and we are constantly looking at new ways in which our products can be in a safer classification for personal, environmental and physical safety.  One of the key elements of our work is providing customers with safe and accurate dosing equipment to ensure our products are applied at the optimum level for each hygiene task.  Cleaning instructions are also provided as part of the hygiene management system.

Our eLearning programme also offers a specific course ‘Safe Working with Chemicals’.  Once delegates have completed the course they will have a better understanding of the risks of working with chemicals, understand their responsibilities and be less likely to have an accident that causes injury to themselves or a workmate.   For further information on the course visit -]