SALSA - what it means for businesses

Blog | 11 December 2015

Food and beverage producers who supply buyers need to evidence successful quality control and cleaning plans. They must prove they can deliver the high standards which they, naturally, expect of any product they are willing to sell.

As well as large food and beverage processing companies, we work with many customers whose small or medium size businesses focus more on local or regional production – something which is increasingly popular.

Safe and Local Supplier Approval, or SALSA, allows these types of businesses to evidence the high quality hygiene management present on site, through accreditation which is affordable and deliverable for companies of their size.

At Holchem we have launched a service which works with businesses to deliver the relevant standards they need to achieve accreditation.

What is SALSA?

Written by experts in their field, SALSA provides a food safety standard for all SME’s which is achievable and affordable – allowing them to display the outstanding standards they maintain to both customers and suppliers.

Alongside the main audit standard which SALSA outlines, there are two industry specific SALSA-plus standards covering the production of beer and cheese – recognising the specialist nature of production and individual hygiene needs.

Why is it relevant to you?

It is increasingly important even for the smallest food and beverage producers to be able to evidence that the standards of food safety in place meet the correct quality levels, and that this can be evidenced.

How does it differ from the BRC & others?

Created by the four main trade associations which represent the UK food chain – the NFU, FDF, British Hospitality Association and BRC – SALSA is designed as a standard which food and beverage processers of any size can achieve. As it is specifically constructed to suit small & medium size enterprises, this means it is different from other bodies such as the British Retail Consortium and, whilst remaining a stringent test of the processes in place, is achievable for smaller companies.

How can we help?

Using our experience delivering bespoke, complete cleaning plans we can identify the correct cleaning chemicals, implement our Hygiene Management Solutions and advise if other requirements such as testing kits and additional pieces of equipment are necessary.

We also have the skills to make sure that smaller businesses producing beer and cheese meet the SALSA-plus requirements, achieving the official seal of approval from the extremely well respected scheme, and helping them sell to national and regional buyers who look for a guarantee of quality when buying stock to sell on.

Sarah West from Holchem said: The development of the SALSA and SALSA-plus classifications goes to show the ever growing importance of quality hygiene programmes across food and beverage production – regardless of the size of a business’s operation, buyers still demand an assurance of consistent, auditable quality controls.