Saving water in industry

Blog | 6 August 2018

The proposed hosepipe ban in North West England brought to light the water shortages that are affecting the UK, and the stress on the country’s water supply particularly in the South East of England.  It’s not just domestic usage that is in the spotlight, industry is constantly looking at how it can cut back on its consumption of water to help to reduce it costs and implement sound environmental policies.

We work with our customers to help them reduce their water consumption through a number of different ways.  We utilise cost of clean benchmarking models that provide an easy to use tool for our customers to calculate the overall cost of clean, taking into consideration detergent, disinfectant, water, labour, energy and effluent.  Once the cost has been determined the model can establish where potential savings can be made, particularly in water usage. 

Savings can also be made by using Holchem’s range of quick break foams.   Express Foam is fast dispersing when rinsed, giving faster shift turnarounds and reduced water consumption.  It takes five minutes to rinse with Express Foam compared to a traditional 18 minutes with traditional long cling foam rinsing.  Chlorpress is a chlor-alkali long cling foam produce also designed to reduce rinse time. They are both designed for use in the brewery, beverage, dairy and food processing industries.