Sticker Removal for Cordant Cleaning

Blog | 23 August 2021

Since the lifting of many of the COVID-19 restrictions in public places the Imperial team has been working with Cordant Cleaning to help remove the stickers and signage that was put up to advise on social distancing and the wearing of face masks.  The stickers were placed around public areas such as transport, hospitality and retail venues to reiterate the government advice.

With the easing of restrictions many facilities are wanting to remove the stickers. Although the plastic stickers are often easy to peel away the adhesive left behind can be difficult to remove. Holchem’s ‘Optimum Label Adhesive & Mark Remover’ helps to quickly remove this adhesive. 

The product is suitable for removing stickers from walls, floors and seats and has been used extensively by Cordant Cleaning in its work for customers across public transport and commercial venues.

Commentating on the work Garry Roberts, Cordant Cleaning said:

Since the lifting of many restrictions we have been working with many of our customers across various sectors to remove the adhesive from the COVID-19 advice stickers using Optimum Label Adhesive & Mark Remover.  Our customers are really happy with the results and it’s as if the stickers have never been there. There’s no residue or marks left behind on the surfaces which is great.

Pam Cullinane from Imperial, a part of Kersia Group, added:

COVID-19 has thrown up many challenges to the hygiene sector and we are delighted that the Optimum Label Adhesive & Mark Remover is delivering the right results for our customers.

The easy-to-use product is available in a ready to use handy trigger bottle and is specially formulated for the removal of label adhesive, leaving a clean and clear surface.