Summer spills all cleaned up

Blog | 16 May 2016

We normally associate the Norovirus bug with the winter months but as temperatures start to hot up the number of cases is surprisingly high.  Recent statistics from the Health Protection Laboratory* show that there are typically over 700 reported cases of Novovirus in the traditional summer months of June, July and August. 

As such it’s key that any business within the food industry is fully equipped to clean up the effects of illnesses and contain them to restrict the spread in the workplace.   Any illness that produces bodily fluids can be disruptive to a business and can result in loss of income if not dealt with in the correct way with the most efficient of products.

It is vitally important that whether it’s generated from a member of the workforce or a customer, any illness is dealt with immediately so there is minimal disruption to the business and that valuable production and service can resume.

Summer Spills Kit

To ensure that our customers are fully equipped to deal with any such incidences we’ve launched our Summer Spills kit that deactivates and destroys any viruses from bodily fluids that the site has been exposed to and should work hand in hand with best practice protocols put in place to deal with such situations. 

It includes:

A fluid absorber – emergency clean-up powder with deodoriser designed to clean up bodily fluids and every day spillages

Chlorine release tablets - can be made up into a working solution for cleaning and disinfecting the spillage area and an

Odour absorber which removes any odours created by spillages.

* Health Protection Laboratory 2012