Blog | 24 February 2020

Following the recent Corona virus out break in China, there are growing concerns around how this will impact product supply chains globally.

We can confirm that Holchem has limited exposure to products originating from China and as such, most items should be available as normal, however the following information should provide additional insight.

In order to manage our demand/stocks, we’re in constant dialogue with our suppliers and at this time we don’t foresee any major disruption.

We source locally, wherever possible, the raw materials we use in our formulations, with many of them such as caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite and quaternary ammonium compounds sourced within 30 miles of our production facility. 

China is a major economic power globally and as this is an active situation, we could potentially see impacts over the coming months.

We will be keeping the associated markets under constant review and will react accordingly to ensure our supply chain remains robust.

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