Sustainability - Driving It Forward

Blog | 30 September 2016

Holchem has a robust sustainability programme in place for our products and the business as a whole as we work to protect and lessen our impact on the environment wherever possible.

This covers a wide range of areas including product stewardship to raw material sourcing to packaging reuse and recycling to how we run our training academy.  Our head office in Bury is a modern, low impact facility across 105,000 square feet and is fully optimised for the safe handling and processing of hazardous chemicals and operates to the Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004.

Another important aspect to our policy is reusing 25 litre kegs, drums and IBC’s as well as palletised containers.  We go further than solely meeting our obligations under legislation and minimise the impact of packaging as much as we can. Typically, we re-use more than 195,000 plastic kegs/year.  We also encourage our customers to return empty and rinsed storage containers, which then allow us to fully launder and reuse them.