Team Talk - Martyn Jones

Blog | 5 October 2018

The next member of our team to feature in our regular Team Talk is Technical Sales Consultant Martyn Jones.   He has been in his role for 20 years and has also worked as a Hygiene Technologist here at Holchem.


What was your career path to your role?  “I have always been involved with the food and drink industry.  Before I started working at Holchem I was a Quality Assurance Manager at a pizza manufacturer and then I moved to Holchem where I’ve been now for 21 years.”


What responsibilities does your job include? “My role encompasses a lot of different things.  On a day to day basis I work with customers across training, hygiene inspections, tray wash audits, chemical safety audits and sales. One of the most important elements of my role is building positive relationships with all of our customers and ensuring that I am considered part of their day to day team.”


What is the favourite part of your job? “I really like the fact that my job includes lots of variety.  No two days are the same as every customer has different needs.  I love meeting people so my role is perfect as I’m always working with so many customers.  We have such positive relationships with them.”


What does a ‘typical day’ look like for you? “Every day is different.  However most days I liaise with customers and solve any issue they have as well as carrying out audits and inspections.”


What would your dream job be? “If I was good enough definitely a professional golfer.”


Tell us about your interests outside of work “When I’m not in work I love to cook and go on holiday with my family.  I also manage to fit in the odd game of golf.”