Team Talk - Nick Edwards

Blog | 5 September 2018

Nick Edwards is Holchem’s Sales Director.  He gives an insight into his role and his career path in this issue of Team Talk.


What was your career path to your role?  “My interest in science didn’t start until my A Levels and further education after which I started my career in the paper industry as a Mill Chemist.  This lead to an interest in speciality chemicals and my first sales jobs at Betz Ltd where I sold speciality chemicals to the paper industry.  After 12 years I was offered the opportunity to move to Ashland Oil company to work in the Water Treatment division and help to incorporate an acquisition into the company. Once that challenge was completed I was fortunate to be offered the Sales Director role at Holchem.”


What responsibilities does your job include? “My job is to set out and deliver Holchem’s sales strategy and plan.  I do love to get involved (some say too readily!) in the day to day relationships with customers and have worked with the sales team on lots of different things including servicing customers, writing cleaning schedules, fixing pumps, training customer’s and staff and I’ve also delivered Holchem products to customers”


How long have you worked at Holchem? “I’ve worked at Holchem in the same role for 18 years. I really enjoy what I do and wouldn’t change it for anything.”


What’s your favourite part of your job? “This is a really tough question because there isn’t one element of my role that is my favourite – I enjoy all of it.  If I had to prioritise one thing over any other I would say spending time in food factories.  I get a buzz out of helping customers and our staff with any issues they have and seeing our products and plans working effectively in situ.”


What does a “typical day” look like for you? “That depends. My days are so varied and that is what is great about the job. I always have long days whether I am in the Gateway House or out in the field with the sales team and customers”


What would your dream job be? “It would be doing what I’m doing now.  However, owning a Classic Car Restoration business might be fun (life after Holchem?) but working in it might be a challenge as my welding skills would need to improve!”


Tell us about your interests outside of work “ Maintaining my small  collection of Classic Cars and spending time around the farm’