The Holchem supply chain - we're in control

Blog | 12 February 2018

One of the key aspects to our business here at Holchem is the delivery of our cleaning and hygiene products to our customers. To ensure that our high standards are met in this part of the business we manage every single element of the supply chain. We stand out from the rest of the industry because we are in control of every aspect of the delivery, and it means that we keep to our promises of delivering products when we say we are going to do it.

How do we do this?  From the very beginning of the ordering process right through to our products being delivered to our customers we are fully integrated and all our teams work seamlessly to ensure the best results every time:


Gateway House

We relocated to a single 9-acre site in Bury in 2013.  This encompasses our warehouse, technical centre, offices and process area.  The entire operation is all on one site so our teams can easily liaise with one another, and ensure that everyone works together all under one roof.



Gateway House is home to a modern tank farm and state of the art production facilities that, combined with storage, house almost 5,000 pallets for packaging and finished goods.



You’ve probably seen our blue and white Holchem wagons on your travels.  We operate our own fleet of wagons, bulk tankers and vans with our own specially trained drivers.  This gives our customers peace of mind that they are working with the Holchem team throughout the supply process.



We guarantee that our customers’ orders are delivered within 7 to 10 working days and urgent deliveries can have a separate agreement.