Ultra-Gel Plus

Blog | 21 February 2018

We delighted to announce that we have introduced ‘Ultra-Gel Plus’ to our range of products.  It is designed to tackle a wide range of heavy soil types especially fats and proteins such as poultry, red meat, fish and vegetables oils in food processing sites and is just one element of our dedication to ongoing product development through the state of the art Research and Development facility at Holchem’s head office.

It is a stable clinging gel and uses an advanced surfactant system to create viscosity.  It has a blend of wetting and emulsifying agents to enhance performance and gives a longer contact time between soil and detergent, producing superior results.  The improved contact time maximises effectiveness and efficacy of the detergent.

It is easily rinsed away leaving no streaks or smears.  It contains sequestering agents to inhibit scale formulation and improve detergency in hard water areas.


Ultra-Gel Plus is a clinging gel that allows a long contact time with the soil.  This in turn ensures the effective removal of heavy soils.  It’s benefits also include the fact that it is suitable for use in hard water areas and produces streak free rinsing.  The addition of the product to our range is testament to the in-depth knowledge and expertise of the Holchem team and understanding the needs of our customers and the challenges they face in the effective removal of fats and proteins.
Jim Taylour, Head of Products, Research and Development