We are off on a jet plane .... destination Ghana

Blog | 23 March 2017

We have worked with our customers in Ghana for over 16 years and recently Sarah West, Holchem Technical Services Manager, visited the country to carry out a new project for our client Blue Skies.

The Blue Skies factory prepares fruit and fruit products, some of which are smoothies and an exciting new fruit product for the local Ghanaian market.  Having such a long term relationshsip has benefited us both in that we are fully immersed in their business and the processes that take place, as well understanding the hygiene training demands on their teams.

This time Sarah visited the site to carry out an overview of its new production plant to ensure that it can be cleaned effectively when it goes into production.   And it doesn’t stop there.  A report detailing recommendations will be presented to the team at Blue Skies and Sarah will be back there soon to help with the cleaning validation work.

Commenting on the trip Sarah said: We have such a good relationship with the Blue Skies team in Ghana and it is great to see them doing so well and opening up new product lines and production facilities. I’m looking forward to returning to see it all in action.  We are always well looked after when we visit and get to see a beautiful part of the world.