Analytical testing for allergens and food DNA in foods and on surfaces

Blog | 2 September 2019

A number of issues have become apparent to the food industry with respect to the sensitivity of testing for allergens, meat species DNA and the presence of animal derived ingredients in vegetarian and vegan products.  These include:-

  1. Allergen thresholds – what do we need to detect in food products?
  2. Meat species DNA – what is GMP for mixed meat species manufacturing plants and what is absence?
  3. Presence of meat in vegetarian products or animal derived ingredients in vegan products – what is absence?
  4. Analytical testing – sensitivity and suitability?
  5. Cleaning validation - what do we need to detect on surfaces?


As such, the above issues are often raised and there may not always be best practice advice available to answer them.  This whitepaper attempts to address some of these issues and their solutions. Download the whitepaper by following instructions below.


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