Working to improve efficiency

Blog | 21 April 2017

Here at Holchem we are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve our efficiencies; one of these was the recent installation of a keg labelling machine.

Late last year we took delivery of a keg labelling machine capable of labelling all four sides on our 20 and 25 litre kegs.  The machine is a bespoke design that was custom built for our application and has transformed the resource requirement in this area and at the same time improved overall quality.

The kegs are placed on a conveyor that feeds them to a labelling station. This station applies the main side panel labels (front and back) onto the kegs, applies a ‘batch’ and ‘use by date’ by ink jet before turning the keg and labelling the two remaining sides with the hazard warning diamonds (if required).

The introduction of this machinery has had a massive impact on the logistics of production planning. Previous to this investment we would have to ensure kegs were labelled prior to initiating the blending operation. Now with this machinery in place we can now commence the blending operation whilst simultaneously labelling for the same batch.

To add perspective this machine can complete all the operations as described, over 20 times faster than can be completed manually.