100 Test strips for both Nitrate & Nitrite determination (1-500ppm Nitrate & 1-80ppm Nitrite)

All QUANTOFIX® tests are ready to use kits. They are precalibrated and contain all necessary equipment and reagents. As “labs in a pocket” they are very handy for the end user.

The colour charts are adjusted and checked using certified standard solutions that are directly traceable to primary NIST stan dards. The user can be sure to receive accurate readings whenever he tests. 

A QUANTOFIX test stick consists of a plastic strip of 0.2mm thickness to which, at the lower end, a test paper has been sealed. The size of the test paper area permits a clear comparison with the fields of equal size of the colour scale provided on the plastic box. The length of the test sticks is sufficient to permit easy handling even in cases where aggressive or otherwise noxious solutions are to be tested.

The plug of the vial contains a desiccant for increased shelf life of the sticks.

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