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The DWSF Doorway Sanitiser has been specially developed for the control of Listeria in areas where there is potential for it to be moved from one production area to another via a doorway or passage.  The unit will automatically leave a layer of foam or disinfectant on a floor area via the inbuilt timers and the two spraying nozzles.  The first time controls the intervals between the application of the chemical and a second timer controls the duration of the individual sessions of the application.


Model:  DWSF
Minimum water inlet pressure 3 bar
Maximum water inlet pressure 9 bar
Minimum water supply 10 litres/min
Maximum water inlet temperature 70°C
Air Supply 6mm
Minimum air inlet pressure 5 bar
Maximum air inlet pressure 10 bar
Minimum air supply 150 litres/min
Water Inlet Connection ¼”
Weight 10 kg
Height 595mm
Width 460 mm
Depth 206 mm
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