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Hazard Management

A food business has to prepare or serve products which can safely be consumed.  Physical, chemical and biological cleanliness is a prerequisite for food safety. Therefore, process and ancillary equipment need regular and effective cleaning and disinfection.

The objectives of a cleaning and disinfection programme are:

  • To control a hazard such as a pathogen or an allergen.
  • To control a brand protection issue such as the presence of meat in a product labelled suitable for vegetarians.
  • To prevent quality and organoleptic issues in subsequent products e.g. the presence of previous products, colours or taints, or to promote process control or safety e.g. prevent fouling of heat exchanges.

To control a hazard it is recommended that the cleaning & disinfection, of surfaces that are exposed to the product (product contact surfaces), is validated.

Cleaning validation is not necessarily required for potentially non-critical cleaning of floors, walls and the outside of equipment, unless required by risk assessment.

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