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At Holchem we deliver innovative and effective hygiene solutions for our customers, providing industry leading technology and systems which reflect customer need, regulatory and sustainability drivers.

With one of the largest product development teams in the country, we take new ideas from the test tube to production; keeping up to date with new developments in raw materials and new types of production equipment whilst addressing the sustainability requirements of both ourselves and our customers.

Our Hygiene Management Systems support our customers Business and Quality Systems. Development has focussed on providing ease of access; whether this is the ability to generate or modify cleaning instruction cards on-line through our cloud based Gateway or through e-learning training programmes - allowing learners to go at their own pace and in their own time.

Some of the innovative solutions we have delivered for our customers include:

To help rapidly deal with vomit or other bodily fluids in the workplace, this bespoke incident kit specially prepared by Holchem,  contains all the equipment and chemicals you need to contain, absorb, clean up and de-odourise any human bodily fluid incidents.


Summary Sheet  Product Information

In addition to our range of QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compound) based disinfectants, Holchem launched a non-QAC range as an alternative providing a wider range of choice for our customers. This new range includes surface disinfectants (Active, Tribac and Perbac OPD), a quick drying disinfectant (Ultra Secure Liquid), hygiene wipe (Protect Active Wipes) and hand sanitiser (Dermolsan).

A unique organic acid development which provides an acidic, low foam detergent suitable for recirculation cleaning such as Cleaning in Place (CIP) and an open plant foam detergent. Containing no phosphorous or nitrogen, Nopac detergents assist sites where there are major constraints on the discharge of these elements.

Continuous development of foam technologies has consistently provided our customers with best in class products.The main thrust development has been to provide a range of products with

•            The lowest hazard classification for both personal & environmental safety

•            Long contact time through long cling technology

•            Quick breakdown of the foam when rinsing

Holchem operate a Structured Site Support Plan with all of our customers, which helps us to drive continuous improvements in service and cost reduction across individual sites.

The plan is agreed with the site and reviewed yearly, forming the basis of the planned visits for the year ahead. The service has been refined over many years and provides our customers with excellent proactive care across our support teams.

Holchem offer a web based CIC creation and maintenance system that allows both ourselves and our customers quick access for easy creation and amending of the cleaning instruction card system. This allows users to add photos, cleaning frequencies, strip down procedures, key inspection points, chemicals and cleaning tools.

We continually develop our training programmes to meet the requirements of our customers and where appropriate the training schedules are accredited nationally through an officially recognised awarding body.

Nationally accredited through ONE Awards, the courses are aimed primarily at those involved in or responsible for hygiene operations across the modern food and beverage processing sectors.

The Holchem Academy is a web resource which provides companies with an ‘always on’ service found at, allowing all employees to find time to be trained on the relevant legislation and guidelines that ensure the staff are observing the best, most up to date working practice.

Continuously developing our chemical safety course ensures we meet the needs of our customers, providing them with the most up to date information and current best practice.

An example is the “Safe Working with Chemicals” training package which aims to inform as well as modify attitude and behaviour towards the handling of chemicals. We have made this course available as both a tutor driven course, and also via eLearning on the Holchem Academy.

The innovation at Holchem is delivered by experts in their field. We produce hygiene solutions that meet the challenges of our customers and deliver product that ensures the efficient running of the business with minimum downtime for cleaning.

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