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Training Courses

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Arguably one of the key factors in ensuring the effective control of allergenic proteins is the training, awareness and understanding of staff.

The ‘Allergen Awareness’, eLearning course, has been designed specifically for food handlers who have very little, or no knowledge of allergens or food intolerances. The course gives learners a basic awareness of allergens, food intolerances and how to control them in a manufacturing environment.

Allergen Awareness

The ‘Allergen Management’, two day course, gives detailed and practical training for Hygiene Managers and Technical Personnel directly involved in the management of allergens in the food industry.

Allergen Management Courses 

Effective pathogen control requires senior management support, alongside specific input across technical, production, engineering and hygiene functions. 

The ‘Listeria Awareness’, eLearning course, has been designed specifically for food handlers, supervisors and managers working in food manufacturing and processing and covers: an overview of bacteria, listeria awareness and the listeria control plan.

Listeria Awareness

The ‘Listeria Management’, two day course, is designed to enable a technically qualified person with a basic understanding of microbiology to be competent in understanding the basic components of a Listeria control plan and in the critical assessment of their own manufacturing facility to ascertain appropriate Listeria barriers, sources, harbourage sites and food product cross-contamination vectors.

Listeria Management Courses 

A food business has to prepare or serve products which can safely be consumed.  Physical, chemical and biological cleanliness is a prerequisite for food safety. Therefore, process and ancillary equipment need regular and effective cleaning and disinfection.

The ‘Cleaning Technology & Control’, one day course, contains detailed and practical training for Hygiene Supervisors and Hygiene Chargehands either directly involved in the supervision of a hygiene operation in the food processing sector; or as training for Hygiene Operatives about to progress to a supervisory position.

Cleaning Technology & Control Courses  

The ‘Food Processing Hygiene Management’, five day course, has been specifically devised for those involved in managing or assessing hygiene operations / activities in the food or beverage processing sector, technical managers and those who wish to demonstrate that they have a competent person in charge of their hygiene.

Food Processing Hygiene Management Courses

Cleaning in Place (CIP), although initially developed in breweries and dairies, has become commonplace on many food processing and pharmaceuticals process plants.

The ‘Cleaning in Place’, two day course is designed to enable a technically qualified person with good understanding of open plant cleaning principles and chemistry to be competent in understanding and assessing cleaning in place circuits and CIP sets.

Cleaning In Place Courses

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