Safe to Trade

Build consumer confidence and speed up the recovery of your business with the Safe to Trade Scheme

Holchem are working closely with customers in the hospitality and foodservice sectors to help them ‘Back to Business’ by providing expert and practical advice.

As part of this support we are partnering with the Shield Safety Group who are offering a 'Safe to Trade' scheme. Launched in May in response to COVID-19, Shield Safety Group, in collaboration with a panel of industry experts, have created the Safe to Trade Scheme.

Designed to restore consumer confidence and ensure that staff are protected, Safe to Trade is the ultimate safety standard. It is an expert guarantee that proves a location has been rigorously assessed by a team of Environmental Health Practitioners, and that the business has been deemed Safe to Trade.

In the largest Hospitality Consumer Insights report it was found that 95% of respondents feel it’s important or very important that the venue conforms to all COVID-19 safety and cleanliness measures, and 87% of respondents said it’s important or very important to see visible confirmation of this in the form of a sticker and/or signage.

We are here to help, to support the rebuild and to protect the great hospitality industry.

The Safe to Trade standard is designed to:

  • Enable businesses to reopen safely, with ongoing checks and monitoring through our award-winning software and app
  • Instil employee and consumer confidence that your business has gone above and beyond the Government guidance, with a feedback and performance rating system for transparency and continual improvement
  • Independently verify and validate, providing context and evidence that the business is taking safety performance seriously
  • Support businesses in demonstrating their commitment to trading safely, through robust compliance controls
  • Encourage businesses to capture employee and customer feedback, to help businesses improve and increase standards, whilst building and extending consumer confidence and trust


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