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Hand Care

In most food processing or food service environments the handling of food is commonplace and often impossible to avoid. Cross-contamination by the transfer of pathogenic or food spoilage organisms can be a significant issue. Hands are one of the most common vehicles for transfer of microorganisms and can become contaminated in a number of ways. 

The lack of hand washing when required and not following a correct hand washing procedure are the most common problems observed.

The skin acts as a barrier and if damaged it will lose its ability to protect, and skin irritation will occur. The irritation can be caused by direct damage to the skin or by sensitisation to a chemical. Everyone will have different levels of resistance to hand care products; most suffering no ill effect while others may suffer skin irritation or even dermatitis

A hand care system which delivers the necessary level of hygiene whilst causing minimum skin irritation is required to ensure that contamination risks are minimised.

At Holchem we provide all our clients with a wealth of expertise and a comprehensive hand hygiene management system coupled with an extensive range of hand hygiene products which meet all the requirements of each individual client.

In Safe Hands Brochure