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Membrane Cleaning

Holchem have revolutionised the way cleaning is carried out in the dairy industry, specifically the cleaning of cross flow filtration membranes. Our research and development teams have dedicated resource to changing the lengthy process and shut down required in a typical diary environment. As a result we have revolutionised the hygiene solutions for the dairy sector providing cost and time savings for businesses.

Cleaning of membranes is a crucial part of the whole process to ensure both the safety and quality of the end product.  The heart of any membrane filtration process is the membrane itself, and choosing the best membrane for a given process is often a difficult task. Membrane type, plant design and processing parameters should be carefully matched to meet the desired performance and cost-efficiency of the overall process.

During cleaning valuable production time is lost. Holchem’s tried and tested ‘Fluxclean’ range, has reduced cleaning time in one plant from 9 hours down to 4.5 hours. This ensures that factory downtime is kept to a minimum, whilst delivering a high specification, high quality clean. It has reduced spend on energy to heat and circulate detergents and simplified the cleaning process.

Such a large cut in factory downtime delivers large savings due to increased production time and can revolutionise the way that dairy processing takes place within that business, all whilst ensuring the quality and safety of the filtration process, and so the best possible end product which reaches customers.

It comes down to making sure the right chemical is being used in the most efficient way, as well as taking into account the identification of potential soils, the type of water used and the composition of the membranes.  In simple terms; “Holchem removes the black art normally associated with membrane cleaning”

Overall this brings reduced downtime, cost effectiveness, as well as a simpler cleaning process.

Dairy Cleaning optimisation