Are Your Hand Washing Procedures Correct?

Blog | 27 October 2017

Here at Holchem we work with our customers across many different elements of their hygiene systems and procedures.  A very important element is the hand washing regime.  From cafes, to restaurants to hotels right through to food processing, a robust hand washing system is required.  This includes the products used, the hand washing routine and the associated training and education.

A hand wash procedure involves the following stages:

1. Wet hands thoroughly

2. Apply soap and produce lather

3. Rub hands and fingertips vigorously ensuring the fingertips, around the nails, between fingers, around the thumbs, the forearm and wrists are thoroughly massaged (this should take approx. 20 seconds)

4. The hands should be thoroughly rinsed under free-flowing warm water for about 10 seconds.

5. The hands must be thoroughly dried. 

The hand wash and drying procedure should take approx. 45 seconds to complete, which doesn't include the application of a hand sanitiser. 
This can be applied and rubbed into the hands whilst the person is making their way (where possible) to their point of work.

For further information download our 'In Safe Hands' brochure from our download page: In Safe Hands