COVID-19 Hygiene Plans - Cleaning Barrier Controls and Touchpoints

Blog | 14 January 2021

Food processing sites are constantly reviewing their COVID-19 hygiene plans and one of the most important elements of them is barrier controls.  Barrier controls exist at the point of delivery and exit to a food facility and within a facility. These barriers should be reviewed and strengthened if necessary.


Point of delivery and exits

It is good practice for the drivers and other staff delivering (and taking away) to the premises not to leave their vehicles.  Important points to note:

  • Drivers should always be supplied with an efficacy tested hand sanitiser, a disinfectant, and paper towels.
  • Drivers should use a hand sanitiser before passing delivery documents to food premises staff.



Changing and washrooms are a major control barrier to reduce introducing physical or microbiological hazards into the food processing area. The procedures in place should be re-evaluated to ensure they are sufficient to control the additional hazard of SARS-CoV-2.

These steps should work alongside enhanced touchpoint cleaning.  It may be worth identifying the touchpoints by their category because the frequency of cleaning/sanitation will vary. From light switches, to doors, door handles, alarms to laptops to computer screens with the variety of surfaces, it is important to choose a cleaning method that is appropriate, effective and does not damage the surface. For instance, with plastic or stainless-steel door handles a disinfectant wet wipe or a dry wipe plus spray disinfectant would be suitable. With a computer an alcohol based wet wipe would be most suitable. Detailed information is available on our website.


As always we advise that customers liaise with our technical teams to discuss their hygiene plans.