EHEDG World congress 2018 round up

Blog | 18 December 2018

The EHEDG World Congress 2018 was a resounding success with Holchem’s Dr. John Holah presenting on The Role of Design and Factory Refurbishment in Pathogen Control.

Three hundred and twenty delegates from around the world attended the two-day conference which took place in central London, in partnership with Food Matters Live.  Topics in the programme included Hygiene and Hygienic Design – Essentials in Food Safety to Open Plant Cleaning and Disinfection Evaluating Hand Hygiene in Practices in Food and Drink and Processing Business. 

John’s talk encompassed a number of areas including his Listeria 5 Point Plan, Factory Zoning, the most effective design of buildings and Food Safety Culture.

Commenting on the Congress, John said: For me It was the most successful EHEDG conference to-date in terms of the facilities, the scientific programme and the number of delegates that attended.  It was an excellent demonstration of the joined-up progression of hygienic design. 
From the assessment of the hygienic design needs for further development via keynote speakers, to the generation of results from the theoretical investigations of such hygienic design needs by academia, through the adoption of these results into industry wide guidance documents such as the EHEDG guidance document on CIP systems and the final application of this guidance in food manufacturing by food manufacturers and service providers such as Holchem.

The next congress will take place in Munich 14-15th October 2020.