eLearning at home or at work with Holchem

Blog | 26 March 2020

Holchem’s online shop  includes a comprehensive choice of eLearning courses.  Designed primarily for hygiene and technical teams involved in the management of hygiene, the courses include:


  • A FREE course that provides an over-view and guidance on the Corona Virus (COVID-19)
  • Introduction to Cleaning and Chemical Safety
  • Working safely with chemicals
  • Cleaning in Place (Level 3)
  • Level 2 Food Safety
  • Allergen Awareness


The eLearning courses have been developed in conjunction with our partner Totrain and are a very popular web resource for our customers.  They provide an ‘always on service’ which is ideally suited to sectors including food processing, food service, brewing and dairy processing that operate within a shift culture.  It means employees can find the time that suits them and their lifestyle to complete the courses and stay ahead of relevant legislation and best working practice. 


Commenting on the courses Nicola Bellamy, Technical Service Manager at Holchem, said:

Our eLearning courses offer a wide-ranging list of subjects that are key to implementing successful hygiene programmes. They allow the participants to go at their own speed and can be carried out at work or at home.  The content is highly relevant and the free Corona Virus (COVID-19) course ensures all our customers have access to vital information.