Holchem Helping Brewers Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

Blog | 5 February 2021

The brewing industry is facing unprecedented times and here at Holchem we are constantly looking at the issues caused by COVID-19 and lockdown and also onto the future and how it will impact cleaning plans going forward. We are working with our customers who are still operating and those who aren’t to ensure their businesses are ready when the government restrictions start to ease.

The work includes advising on maintaining cask hygiene as it’s a major issue and lockdown can lead to fly eggs (not a winter issue) and baked on staining. Regular cask inspection is vital to validate cleaning regimes. It’s important to ensure the most suitable detergent is being used including Caustics – a powerful detergency that can be used at high temperatures and cost effective if used with detergent tank; Chlorinated Caustics – generally one shot is needed due to degradation of chlorine and it can be used at lower temperatures and finally Neutral Detergents – to be used where soft metals are present that would be corroded by caustics.

Keg hygiene is also an issue – after prolonged periods of no use, double washing of kegs is recommended. After extended periods being out of use FVs / CTs / BBTs / Yeast Tanks etc should be cleaned as though they had just been emptied. Depending on the standard of hygienic design a deep clean could be required.

Our work on enhanced touchpoint cleaning has proved invaluable. The additional steps that need to be taken such as barrier controls and entering and exiting a site have now become part of best practice across many breweries.

For further information and help visit https://www.holchem.co.uk/divisions/brewery-and-beverage/support/covid-19-qanda/.