Holchem Insight - Training

Blog | 23 November 2017

The number of training courses taking place here at Holchem has increased from six to 14 over the past two years and established successful links with various training bodies across the UK.  At the heart of our training philosophy is the aim to provide a series of bespoke courses and e-learning packages, specifically on the key issues relating to the management and undertaking of cleaning and disinfection.

The content of the hygeine training courses reflects the fact that one of the main components to the success of a cleaning and disinfection process is operative training.  This should cover the theory of why cleaning and disinfection programmes are undertaken, cleaning and disinfection best practice to ensure cleaning objectives (including the management of food safety hazards) are consistently met and all health and safety requirements to enable safe undertaking of the programme.  Training also relates to all levels of staff responsible for the cleaning and disinfection programme, from the hygiene operatives, to the hygiene supervisors, the hygiene managers and ultimately those staff who are responsible for food safety.

For more information contact our Training Manager Nikki Bellamy on 01706 222288 or visit https://www.holchem.co.uk/divisions/food-processing/support/training/.