Holchem Insights: Training

Blog | 14 September 2017

One of the key foundations for a successful business is investment in the workforce and that the team receives the necessary training in relevant areas. EEF* (The manufacturers organisation) recently published a paper that showed that successful companies invest in their workforce to get maximum return.  Return on investment on training should not only be measured directly by its impact on the business, but should also be measured indirectly, through the behaviour, development and productivity of the workforce. 

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development  “Preparing for the future of Learning 2016’ also found that 38% of organisations have seen an increase in their training budget over the last two years and 36% predict further increase in the next two years.  Successful companies invest in their workforce to get maximum return and engaged workers are more productive, and investing in them can result in higher retention rates.

As such, here at Holchem, we provide a number of training options to enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge of a customer’s workforce with experts on hand to deliver the courses, in business relevant topics.

The courses are delivered via eLearning, On-Site Training and Training courses, depending on the needs of the business.  And the topics range from Cleaning In Place to Listeria Awareness and Management.  For further information click here .

*EEF April 2017