Holchem News (2012)

News | 4 December 2012

2012 has been a busy time for our business and our staff. The move to our new purpose built site at Gateway House near Bury, which includes modern offices, a dedicated technical centre and state of the art processing facilities, is now almost complete with process commissioning planned to take place early in January 2013.

Peter Littleton, a long standing Technical Service Manager for Holchem, has offered his services part time to Campden BRI. Peter has been nominated as Chair of the Chilled and Frozen Food Panel. This group considers both chilled foods, a wide range of perishable products that continue to increase in popularity and to be the focal point of much innovative product development, and frozen foods, traditionally seen as a more mature sector. There is much common interest between the two groups and the panel provides a clear focus for activities in these important areas. Congratulations to Peter.