Holchem Partnership with Fourtress

Blog | 2 March 2020

We’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve been working with Fourtress to bring its dairy hygiene product range to market in the UK.  Using the technical expertise we have generated over the past 30 years developing some of the UK’s leading cleaning and hygiene products for the food processing, food service, brewery and dairy processing sectors, we worked in conjunction with Fourtress to create a cutting edge range of dairy parlour cleaning and hygiene products. 

Following on from its success in the Irish Dairy farming industry, the range includes a collection of the highest quality Teat Disinfection, Chlorinated Detergents, Caustic Detergents (non-chlorinated), Acid Detergents and Disinfectant products. It addresses the fact that the dairy industry is entirely focused on hygiene and the process for dairy production relies on hardworking detergents and teat disinfectants, together with proper milking procedures.  Attention to detail and a clean environment are all required to minimise mastitis and maximise production of quality milk.

The launch is backed up with an extensive customer care programme that includes on-going support from Fourtress.

Bryan Harris from Fourtress commented:

Technical knowledge is paramount in the dairy hygiene sector and Fourtress has a dedicated team equipped with the expert technical knowledge to assist with a solution for every dairy hygiene challenge.  Holchem and Fourtress Dairy Hygiene are constantly innovating to bring the latest available technology to British farmers.

For further information visit fourtress.co.uk or contact telephone 0161 394 1866.