How to choose the right Disinfectant

Blog | 17 September 2019

A wide range of disinfectant products are available for use within the food processing sector.  They vary in terms of their active ingredients, how they can be applied and their intended use.


Here at Holchem our teams work with our customers to confirm the most appropriate disinfection routine they need to use in their cleaning regime.  A range of different factors need to be considered as part of the process of selection including:

  • The mode of action
  • Efficacy
  • Compatibility
  • Cost
  • Health and safety


Commentating on choosing the right disinfection method; John Holah from Holchem said: Our teams are experts in working with customers to decide on the correct route to go in terms of products, how to use them and in what situations.  All our solutions are focused on each and every customer’s individual need to ensure we deliver tailored solutions to meet the objectives of the business.


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