Hygiene Is Key for Hospitality in the Run Up To Christmas and New Year

Blog | 6 December 2019

Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene is fundamental to the success of the hospitality industry during the Christmas and New Year party season.  As the number of parties, bookings and guests increases, both front and back of house become very busy environments.  It’s crucial that standards are maintained and that hygiene routines are rigorously implemented.  The influx of new staff is the opportunity to ensure that the whole team’s training is up to date and that everyone involved in carrying out hygiene routines knows what they have to do, when and with what products.


Front of house areas as well as washrooms and toilets should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day and night ensuring a pleasant environment for all customers.  As venues rely on positive reviews from customers an area that isn’t up to scratch is often mentioned on social media channels resulting in a negative impact on bookings and revenue.


Back of house, including the kitchen areas and all equipment, should be subject to a ‘Clean As You Go’ policy with ovens, dishwashers, fryers and fridges all requiring regular deep cleans. Alongside regular daily briefings and training, hygiene regimes can be detailed on posters around the kitchen. 


The personal hygiene of all the team is also important.  A robust clean hands policy using effective soap products needs to be in place, with all staff understanding their responsibility to ensure their hands are thoroughly clean at all times.  Again, this can be detailed in posters next to sinks so the whole team understands the steps they have to take and the right products to use.