Listeria Management Plan

Blog | 1 August 2018

The latest available food poisoning statistics for Europe (EFSA 2017) show that there were 247 recorded deaths from Listeria monocytogenes in 2016, more than the deaths from all other food poisoning organisms combined. For many food manufacturers, particularly those producing ready-to‐eat products (RTE), L. monocytogenes is thus one of the major hazards to the businesses/brand that must be controlled.
It can be argued, therefore, that our traditional control methods are not sufficiently robust and that a new approach to Listeria management is required. HACCP in particular, is not effective in controlling this organism as the majority of Listeria cases are caused by an excessive load of Listeria prior to any decontamination process (e.g. in recent cantaloupe cases – CDC 2011, Food Standards Australia 2018) or cross‐contamination post decontamination process (e.g. the current case in South Africa associated with cooked meats – NCID 2018).

Download the Listeria Management Plan (LMP) whitepaper below. It discusses the new philosophy of managing food safety based on risk assessment of the food manufacturing process and food manufacturing environment and has 6 key elements.