Mel Mead - Teacher, Mentor, Coach and Colleague

News | 16 February 2016

This year’s annual sales conference was not only a culmination and celebration of all that our team had achieved in 2015, it was also the perfect opportunity to celebrate and say thank you to a most treasured, appreciated and loved member of our staff and Holchem family – Mel Mead.

After spending over 30 years with Holchem, Mel is retiring and embarking on a brand new chapter in life.  We wanted to acknowledge Mel’s contribution to Holchem and celebrate his contribution– with a perfect excuse to look back at his journey here at Holchem.

Mel spent many a year within the specialist chemical sector working at Butler Chemicals followed by WR Grace.  It was at the latter that he met Steve Bell, Glyn Gaston and Bernard Rushby.  After WR Grace underwent a restructuring period, Steve Bell left and set up Holchem Laboratories with his wife Anne. 

Mel mead Teacher

Although the Bells and Meads remained personal friends and enjoyed many a happy family holiday together it wasn’t till a couple of years later that Mel decided to join Steve and Anne and looked after Holchem South - with his wife Babs - taking care of administration.

Mel Mead and Steve

Mel developed a strong base for Holchem in the South and during this time the Engineering Division of Holchem South was set up.  Primarily located beside a beef herd, it became affectionately known as the ‘chicken shed’. 

Over the years, Mel played a vital role in developing Holchem and the direction that it took as a business - not only in the relations he built with the staff at Holchem but also with its customers.  He contributed to the early development of the hygiene management system, instruction cards and even the standardised hygiene training courses that are still used today.

Mel encapsulates exactly what makes Holchem unique.  He always put his customers first – and was loved and respected not only by fellow colleagues but equally so by his customers.

Mel Mead with His Family

A strong family man – Mel will always be thought of as not only a teacher and mentor but also as a coach and colleague – both from within the Holchem family and outside.

We’ve no doubt that Mel will enjoy a long and happy retirement with his wife Babs.  We will miss him – but also wish him a peaceful and adventurous/accident-free retirement.

Thank you Mel!