New Chlorpress product joins our portfolio

Blog | 15 March 2018

We have added a new product to our range of Quick Break Foams. Chlorpress is a chlor-alkali long cling foam product designed to produce a stable and slow draining foam that reduces soil re-deposition and disperses easily on rinsing. It is designed to be used in large scale cleaning of production plants in the brewery, beverage, dairies and food processing industries.


Chlorpress is fast dispersing when rinsed which reduces rinse time giving faster hygiene shift turn around.  It is P Free and provides an environmentally responsible approach to effluent discharge using replacements for Phosphorous derived chemical scale control agents.


Traditionally foam detergents use Sodium hydroxide as a source of alkalinity; however, Chlorpress is based on Potassium hydroxide which produces soluble saponification products that are easier to rinse from surfaces.


It also has improved emulsification which reduces the amount of manual padding required.  In factory trials Chlorpress Foam was found to reduce rinse down times by around 25-50%* compared to a traditional long cling foam.


Dr Jim Taylour, Head of Products, Research and Development at Holchem. said:
Chlorpress addresses the long cling foam conundrum by providing a clinging, but free flowing foam to prevent soil deposition and easy rinsing.  Combined with the green credentials it also helps reduce water consumption and reduces wasted staff time spent on rinsing. Chlorpress is a highly effective product that ensures a stable but slow drain and disperses easily on rinsing.