Optimum Cleaning System Information Booklet

Blog | 26 August 2020

The new Optimum Cleaning System Information booklet is now available to download on the Holchem website.


The booklet is designed for establishments in the foodservice and hospitality sectors and the information included will help businesses ensure they are implementing the most hygienic cleaning regimes.  The cleaning methods in the booklet are detailed, clear and concise and help the user comply with legislation and best practice guidelines including control of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). ­The Optimum Cleaning System and Posters (also available on-line) provide the tools to instruct and train teams and provide a professional way to display to customers how the business is maintaining a safe environment for them and the staff.


Th­e cleaning systems cover the areas commonly found in food service and hospitality:

  • Front of House
  • Bar and Cellar
  • Kitchen
  • Dishwashing
  • Housekeeping
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Personal Hygiene ­


The cleaning methods also detail specialist instructions for certain actions that may be required, such as decontamination, descaling or salad preparation.


Commentating on the information Sarah West, Technical Service Manager at Holchem, said:

With the recent worldwide events of COVID19 our way of living has changed dramatically. So has the way we carry out our daily jobs.  People are rightly taking extra care to wash their hands on a more frequent basis and touchpoints are being regularly cleaned to try and ensure cross contamination of viruses and bacteria does not occur. This has greatly impacted on the Foodservice and Facilities sector. To help make the management of these sectors easier from a hygiene point of view, Holchem has updated the Optimum Cleaning System brochure  to include extra cleaning methods for the correct cleaning of these frequently touched surfaces and advice on the best products and practices to ensure these sectors are kept safe.

Optimum Cleaning System Information Booklet