Pigeon Guano Removal System

Blog | 10 April 2019

Holchem has launched a Pigeon Guano Removal System, designed to easily and safely remove hardened pigeon guano.

Utilising Holchem’s Chlorfoam product and a foaming unit the system provides the ideal foaming solution which easily and safely removes pigeon guano.  It is a versatile and mobile foaming system and is easy to use with minimum fuss.  The foaming technique eliminates the risk of bacteria particles from entering the atmosphere in mist or dust form, thus protecting the public and the cleaning operatives.  Designed to be used in most areas and locations that suffer from the challenge of removing guano it is ideal for use by pest control teams responsible for local authority buildings, rail depots and railway stations.

Pigeon droppings are a problem in inner cities areas.  They can affect the aesthetics of a building and in severe cases cause a health risk to the occupants.  Birds can roost and inside buildings creating a mess in stairwells and balconies.

Mike McHardy, Holchem’s Divisional Manager Food Service, Hospitality & Retail, said: We are already working with a number of local authorities implementing the Pigeon Guano Removal System and they are delighted with the results.  We have utilised our knowledge to create a system that is safe and easy to use and most importantly delivers results by working first time.

For further information visit Holchem YouTube channel