The growth of cleaning in place and how to train your teams

Blog | 4 April 2017

Cleaning in Place (CIP) is used extensively in breweries and dairies and has become more commonplace in food processing and pharmaceutical process plants.  Whilst this expansion of CIP is improving the cleaning of process plants and reducing down-time, labour costs and increasing valuable production time it is sometimes not fully understood by those operating or managing the system.

With that in mind Holchem’s two-day HABC accredited CIP course enables a technically qualified person, with a good understanding of open plant cleaning principles and the chemistry of cleaning, to be competent in understanding and assessing Cleaning in Place circuits and CIP sets.  

The course is a mix of class room based learning and interactive components which includes our own CIP demonstration rig. The PLC controlled rig was purpose built for Holchem out of clear acrylic to enable delegates to view the inside of pipework and tanks during the varies steps of a CIP cleaning process.

And here’s some previous delegate feedback:

“Superb venue and presentation style. Good use of equipment, handouts and demonstrations. Interesting and relevant. Four interactive presenters, all have interesting styles which keeps continuous focus”

‘The whole two days from start to finish was excellent; all my expectations were not just met they were exceeded. The presentations and materials used for training the trainees was just right; the balance of class work versus hands on was perfect. No PowerPoint overload.’

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