Touchpoint Disinfection During Easter Holiday Season

Blog | 11 April 2022

Thousands of people across the UK will be making the most of the Easter holidays and will be visiting cafes, bars, hotels and guest houses during the next couple of weeks.


For all establishments involved in hospitality during this busy season thorough touchpoint cleaning and disinfection is an essential part of daily/hourly cleaning routines. This should include ensuring that objects and surfaces that are touched regularly are frequently cleaned and disinfected using cleaning products with proven anti-viral efficacy.


Both front and back of house should be included in routines and everything from light switches, toilets, door handles, taps, sinks, computers, telephones and stair rails should be addressed. 


Holchem Touch Point Posters can be used as a simple reminder to staff on areas that need to be routinely and regularly cleaned/disinfected. The Holchem team recommends the use of a detergent disinfectant applied either by spray and disposable cloth or by impregnated wipe. The Holchem range of disinfection products are tested against the appropriate EN protocol.


Robust staff training is also advised for all team members as a reminder on the steps to be taken and the appropriate products and methods to be used.  It’s also worthwhile to reiterate the importance of hand hygiene within a touch point cleaning regime.

Sarah West from Holchem, said:


Successful touchpoint cleaning has to be recognised by the whole team and included with hourly and daily cleaning routines.  It’s important to remember the correct products to be used and how to apply them properly.  We all know how quickly infections can spread so keeping on top of hygiene routines is fundamental to a successful Easter season.

Further information on touch point cleaning can be found here.