Holchem Works With Customers To Effectively Calculate The Cost Of Clean

Blog | 13 January 2017

As part of our relationship with all our customers we work with them to ensure that they have a bespoke programme that meets their hygiene needs and that delivers the highest level of clean at the best value.

Our Cost of Clean model is used throughout the business and is an easy to use tool that effectively calculates the overall cost of a clean including detergent, disinfectant, labour, energy, water and effluent. 

One example of this is with our longstanding customer Gourmet Bacon (part of the Cranswick plc).  An element of their continuous improvement programme requested that we review their automated traywashing operation at their Sherburn site looking at both cleaning performance and cost of clean.  After which they decided to install a new traywash which in turn has had an effect on lower costs relating to energy costs, detergent and water. 

The theoretical cost of clean model and the actual measured costs were in very tight agreement and showed that the new traywash operation was on-course to save approximately £140,000 in its first year of operation. The cost savings broke down as approximately £30,000 on detergent, £14,000 on water including heating and £100,000 on labour.