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The Dema Proportioner provides a safe, controlled and economic method for dilution of cleaning chemicals (detergent/disinfectant).  It is not suitable for for feeding hoses longer than 1 metre, brushes, piped or valved systems.  These simple proportioners require no electricity and are driven by the water flow.  The units are self-priming and give an accurate an dadjustable dilution if fed with a consistent water supply.  The units have either one or two inbuilt control valves for operations.

Flow rate minimum : approx. 20 litres per min @ 6 bar (80 psi)
Operating pressure minimum : 2 bar (30 psi)
Operating pressure maximum : 11 bar (150 psi)
Maximum water temperature : 80°C
Dilution rate adjustment : set of coloured metering tips (supplied)
Inlet connection : 3/4" female tap thread
Outlet connection : 1/2" hosetail

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